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Market Segments


Experience and ability to serve segments of the market where technology and analytics
can achieve superior results



Providing solutions to the unique problems within the buy-side of the capital markets. 



Our experts have experience with the whole spectrum of the technology lifecycle from start-ups with successful exits to working with established leading social networking organizations.



Leveraging cross-functional experience to gain customer insights from data and generate actionable models and business assessments.



Generating innovative experiences through intelligent applications and mobile solutions. 

Use Cases

Investment Management


Application of quantitative investment management best practices for efficient portfolio allocation

Proprietary Trading


Financial engineering and predictive analytics within the mid-to-low timeseries frequency spectrum

Market Segmentation


Using quantitative methods to identify key markets and customer groups that are associated with specific characteristics

Business Analytics


Gaining insights from data to help align and drive organizational strategy

Churn Analysis


Analyze and model customer attrition rates to better serve current and future customers

Artificial Intelligence


Using the power of cutting-edge analytical techniques to enhance gaming and decision making

Real Estate


Single and multifamily proforma analysis with an emphasis on using analytics to enhance market research

Operations Forecasting


Predictive analytics applied to key operational initiatives, such as sales and workforce

Sentiment Analysis


Using machine learning to understand opinion about a particular context, message, brand, or interaction to improve market insights and automation

Marketing Personalization


Utilizing advanced analytics to identify, customize, and hyper-target the "right message, right person, right time"