Intelligent Applications

Creating solutions that drive innovation

At Udeonx, we believe in delivering top-tier machine learning development services and products. Our experienced team thrives on handling multifarious business problems with the best tools machine learning has to offer. To address real business challenges, we deliver industry-leading machine learning systems and integration solutions by combining our practical domain knowledge with proven data science expertise.

Machine Learning

Expertise to enable actionable results from data and analytics

Unsupervised Learning

Enabling algorithm designed learning to provide clustering and recommendation solutions

Supervised Learning

Deploying industry expertise along with algorithmic insights to deliver superior results to classification and causal modeling 



Understanding the need to build robust and interpretable results for practical business frameworks and use cases

Flexible Learning

Capabilities to deploy models with either batch or real-time learning update frameworks

“Artificial intelligence is the new electricity.”
—Andrew Ng

With a focus on being open to innovation, Udeonx serves as a center of excellence where creativity and logic work together to build intelligent applications. We provide traditional machine learning and deep learning solutions. Within deep learning, we focus on visual solutions and augmented reality, as well as natural language processing.

Deep Learning

The next era of advanced analytics

AI and Advanced Analytics: Driving Impact

Research suggests firms are accelerating AI and advanced analytic investments partly due to dramatic increases in productivity and benefits
(Sources: Mckinsey, IDC, Narrative Science)


AI Industry Penetration

Growth Rate Spending

Business Productivity Boost

Comprehensive AI and Deep Learning Solutions



Extracting useful information from complex unstructured data to produce relevant features and transformations



Using the power of recurrent neural networks related to complex sequential problems, such as context and audio



Artificial support clients and entities to help facilitate interaction and service

Use Cases

Game AI


Applying intelligence to gameplay and consumer awareness

Augmented Reality


Augmenting images and perspectives to enhance experiences

Brand Perception


Identify consumer brand and usage from customer images and content



Generate engaging content that complements brand and company perspectives



Expert or general artificial agents to help provide service and increase productivity of client engagement

Predictive Analytics


Applying leading edge neural network-based solutions to traditional predictive and classification applications

Exceptional Delivery

Experience and Capabilities to Deliver Flexible Solutions



Designing high-performing AI and machine learning solutions tailored to specific use cases



Experience and knowledge to execute on-premise or via the cloud



Performant execution. Capabilities to deliver to scale